Idea for making a short film (movie)

idea for short films

A short film, unlike a movie or series, puts the producer's goal on the audience in the shortest time and can deliver a good result to the viewer in a short period of time. Perhaps the short film's popularity is due to its short duration. But what is important in making them; It's good to have ideas.

So in this article we will see a lot of good ideas for making short films in different genres, and learn a bit about short films. If you are a filmmaker or want to make a good film for a cause you have come to the right place.

What is a short film?

As can be understood from its name; Their duration is between at least 2 minutes and finally 40 minutes, and in a short time, they show the viewer a story or a concept in a genre.

It is interesting to know that short films are even older than feature films and are known as the first films made in cinema. The title "Workers leaving the factory" belongs to the first short film in the history of cinema.

Short films are made in different genres and various topics, including; Criticizing something, supporting, showing the importance of a topic or... you can find thousands of topics and reasons for making a short film, but one thing in all of them is recognized as a necessary and important thing; Having a good idea for making a film and executing that idea with precision and beauty. So let us introduce some good ideas to you!

Great ideas to get you started!

Ideas are like a light in the dark that give us the initial clues to start a project, a good idea can be a few lines of explanation about the whole story that we get from different methods. So the idea can be called a guide that helps us to do something. Let's get to the ideas...

The photos of this page; They are photomontages prepared from existing images and then edited.

Robot humans

In the world we live in, some people seem to be indifferent to each other, and others don't help others at all!

Robot humans
Image source: The writing team!

Can you portray humans acting like robots and indifferent to someone's death using different makeups like the one above? Or anything else! This movie can have a concept and make people understand this concept; Helping and kindness are inseparable part of today's societies.

Time lapse and exciting events

If you are into the concept genre and know a good location for time-lapse filming, this idea is for you.

a galaxy
Image source: The writing team!

This idea can show the growth of a human being over time, or a series of important events... The idea is; Show important events with time-lapse technique!

living plants; Like a human!

Imagine that plants had a language and a seeing eye, how many ideas can be found from this?

Image source: The writing team!

Their feelings can be shown in the movie! A fruit likes you to eat it? How do trees scream when their branches break? And... can you dedicate a story to this idea?

Old zombie

Image source: The writing team!

This idea has a science fiction or historical genre, consider its story like this; A general dies when he had a half-finished job, now he's back to finish his half-finished job, will he succeed? Is he a zombie?

Want to consider a different character? well how is he...

Evil people!

Every person has their own personality, just as some people behave with respect in society, there are also people who do the opposite, and this contrast is one of the best reasons for making a critical film.

evil human
Image source: The writing team!

If you are a person who cares about a better society and you have the means to make a critical film, it is better to start your work and people who do not do justice in certain situations such as queues, employment, treatment, in their jobs, etc. Show with an animal mask like the picture above. Consider a story for them and write a good ending...

Opinions and views

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like to show people's view of the world? This idea is for you.

LSD mode
Image source: The writing team!

The idea is this; Each person sees the world in a way that he is aware of! So it is better to respect the thoughts and views of others.

For example; You can make this movie with the number 6, the person who looks at this number from above will see the number 9 and the other will see the number 6, this can be an interesting movie that shows the fight of two people to prove their point of view to each other.

Everyone has their own life!

Comparing in the movie is one of the best ways to better and highlight a difference.

boy on bisicle
Image source: The writing team!

Can you show the life of two children until they grow up? One of them grew up in a rich family and the other in a poor family, so this difference has made their lives different.

With this idea, an interesting video can be made.

the animal within!

There are opinions that say: Humans are like animals.

human animal
Image source: The writing team!

We want to give you an idea of how to depict fantasy subjects for an interested audience.

With makeup, masks or special effects, you can introduce humanoid animal characters into an adventure and show their behavior in society. A human leader is more like a lion and... what story do you have in mind?


The condition of a handsfree, when an unlucky person wants to listen to music...

Image source: The writing team!

Do you believe in bad luck? You can make a movie about an unlucky person who comes across complicated issues in different situations of life and constantly brings bad luck!

This fantasy and fun movie can end with the unlucky person's death. Do you have a better story in mind?

Fighting with love and heart

Many of us may not agree with love and dependence! So maybe we have a story related to these things...

Fighting with heart
Image source: The writing team!

Can you bring a story of a girl or a boy in your movie? He doesn't want to fall in love with a girl or boy he just met. What is the reason for that? Will he succeed or not?

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