Ideas for writing poems and song lyrics

Ideas for song lyrics

Song and poetry are the most beautiful arts to express feelings. With a poem or a song, you can travel to the past or reach a good mood. So if you are a poet or a songwriter, congratulations! Because you have a very good art.

Writing a poem or a song starts with an idea and then ends with the idea being written extensively.

If you are looking for creative ideas for writing poems and songs, you have come to the right place because in this article we want to introduce you to ideas for writing poems and songs and talk a little about ideas.

Pure ideas for writing poems and songs

As you probably know, every song or every poem has a theme, which is the idea. The verses of the poem are written based on the idea, and the concept of the poem is the same idea.

In the following, we have brought you some ideas and for each of the ideas, we have also put an image to make it easier for you to understand the ideas. So let's get to the ideas!

The photos of this page; They are photomontages prepared from existing images and then edited.

see nothing but your love
Image source: The writing team!

  • You are satisfied with being with your love and do not care much about other things or others.
  • You are very much in love and you see nothing but your love.

accept any problem
Image source: The writing team!

  • You stand in front of everything that wants to hinder you and your love.
  • If your love is by your side, you will accept any problem and obstacle.

Image source: The writing team!

  • About a kiss.
  • The first kiss you experienced or the desire to kiss someone's lips.

Image source: The writing team!

  • What do you tell your competitors about a girl or boy?
  • You take care of love and the one you love!
  • You will definitely get the person you love!

Playful girl
Image source: The writing team!

  • A strange and different boy or girl
  • Playful girl or boy

romantic memories
Image source: The writing team!

  • Your thoughts and mind are always busy with someone
  • You fly with your romantic memories.
  • You review romantic memories and tell a story...
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