Ideas for writing stories

idea for writing

There are many writers who are always praised by others for writing good stories. Because they use great ideas and avoid writing ordinary stories. So that's why they are known as professional storytellers.

If you want to find some great story writing ideas and be a pro, you've come to the right place.

Ideas for writing stories?

Yes, in this article we will introduce you some ideas that you can use to write a story. For each idea, we have put a related image on the page to make it easy for you to understand the ideas. So let's get to the ideas.

The photos of this page; They are photomontages prepared from existing images and then edited.

Taboo and fatigue from old work

left the taboo
Image source: The writing team!

A girl or a boy gets tired of showing himself to others in a different way! He doesn't like to be like others, but wants to follow his passion. Will he succeed? Is he gay or does he have other ideas?

Bad girl or boy!

snake girl
Image source: The writing team!

An evil girl or boy who tries not to show his true personality to others, how does the story continue?

Is he a murderer? Or maybe he hates boys!

he will not give up!

never give up
Image source: The writing team!

Write the story of a violent and criminal man, tell about his life in your story and the end of his story... that man does not give up even when he dies! Even when in a chase, he is thrown into the sea and dies.

Love fantasy

imaginary love
Image source: The writing team!

A girl falls in love with an imaginary man, or she falls in love with a man who only saw his image. That girl will not marry anyone for the rest of her life. Are you ready to write his story now?

Why did that girl fall in love? What will she do to find someone who looks like her dream man?

Attack of aliens in a quiet afternoon

aliens in world
Image source: The writing team!

Aliens invading Earth and taking over the world sound like an interesting idea?

This idea needs a cool story!

A little girl who is not a little girl.

not a little girl
Image source: The writing team!

Write the story of a child; After his father's death by several killers, that child decides to become a professional killer! He wants to avenge his father's death. If this idea is interesting to you, then start writing. Remember, make a good story for it.

An unknown planet

unknown planet
Image source: The writing team!

An astronaut enters a new galaxy and planet after passing through a black hole. He may meet new creatures, maybe there is oxygen there and he can breathe! Did your creativity blossom on this story? Then this idea is for you.

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